The Benefits of Milk Baths

Milk baths have long been considered a luxurious way to ensure beautiful, hydrated skin. Visions of Cleopatra in a tub filled with milk and honey come to mind and, in truth, milk baths have been used by queens for centuries. Queens of England, Catherine Parr and later Elizabeth I of England used milk baths to make their skin appear more youthful. Historical records indicate that members of the Roman aristocracy regularly indulged in milk baths.
There are many milk bath products available on the market. As with all products we make at Dopest Soaps, we believe that the ingredients are important. Products that contain simple, natural ingredients are always a better choice over those made with toxic chemicals. Our line of Milk Baths are all infused with CBD oil and Hempseed Oil for added benefits, be sure to read our information pages on each of our product offers. No chemicals or toxins mean that it’s safe for the whole family. You can feel confident knowing you’re using a truly 100% natural bath product!
Sounds like a simple way to indulge the skin by soaking in one of nature’s finest moisturizers, right? But what is it about milk baths that creates healthy skin from the inside out?
Here are the top four reasons why you won’t want to miss out on the benefits of milk baths:

1 Intense Hydration

There are many different kinds of milk used in milk baths but we know we’ve found the best source around. Goat milk provides the base for our line of luxury milk bath products. We use farm-fresh, raw, vaccine-free milk . Goat milk is easily absorbed into the skin and naturally contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are known for their powerful anti-aging capabilities.
The biggest advantage of bathing with goat milk is the added moisture it offers your skin. The fats found in the milk deeply hydrate the skin and leave it feeling softer and smoother. Soak deeper into the tub and extend these benefits to dry, over-processed hair as the natural fats found in goat milk can deeply condition damaged hair.
Our Milk Baths is packed with rich moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals making it intensely moisturizing. It’s one of our best sellers for anyone battling against sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

2 Natural Exfoliation

Those with dry and sensitive skin may be looking for a gentler exfoliating product. Goat milk naturally contains lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) which helps to gently slough off dead skin cells. This process occurs when the alpha hydroxy acids dissolve the proteins that hold together dead skin cells. When you soak in a milk bath, these dead skin cells are able to slough off more effectively. This allows the goat milk to reach the newer, younger looking skin cells beneath and deliver its rich blend of nutrients and vitamins.
This mild exfoliation can also improve the tone and brightness of your skin hence lightening the skin naturally. For many of our customers, regularly soaking in a milk bath has helped reduce some of the hyper pigmentation and darkening of the skin that naturally occurs as the skin ages.
For a bright and uplifting milk bath experience, try our Jumbo Bath Bombs It contains essential oil blend as well as CBD Oil and Hemp Oil which is noted for its mood lifting properties. These oils can also help support a healthy immune system and rid the skin of any infection-causing bacteria.

3 Ultra Soothing for Sensitive Skin

At Dopest Soaps, we’re focused on creating all-natural skincare products that will help you love your skin from the inside out. That’s how our Company got started after all! Many health experts and dermatologists even suggest that regularly soaking in a milk bath may help improve the symptoms of some common skin conditions. Because of the moisturizing fats in goat milk, soaking in a milk baths can help calm redness from a sunburn and reduce dryness and itching caused by skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. While a milk bath certainly won’t cure any skin conditions, it can go a long way in promoting skin that looks and feels it’s best. Always consult your dermatologist before applying any new product to chronic skin conditions.

4 The Ultimate Way to Sit Back and Relax

Let’s not forget the calming effects of soaking in a warm, fragrant milk bath. True balance is only achieved when we spend time nurturing ourselves. Our essential oil milk bath scents not only smell amazing but effortlessly add an extra element of luxury to bath time.
Two of our favourite scents to help you relax and unwind include our Rosemary Goddess Milk Bath and our Lavender Blooms Bath Bomb. They not only smell wonderful but can also help bring calmness to the mind while refreshing your spirit.
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From essential moisture to a touch of luxury, milk baths can enhance bath time for you and your family. Whichever of our milk baths you choose, be sure your skin will benefit from each of the carefully selected ingredients. You’ll absolutely love the soft, smooth results!

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